Stone Fireplace Design Ideas & Picture

Of all of the different types of fireplaces that you can choose from, stone fireplace designs are among the most popular. There's a reason for their popularity, it is because they offer a look which can either be traditional or contemporary in nature. If you're considering putting a fireplace in your home, you certainly can't beat the permanence and good looks of this type of structure. That being said, however, there are several things that you need to keep in mind whenever it comes to stone fireplace designs.

First of all, the stone that is going to be used is only going to be for the look of the fireplace. You are still going to have to go with any type of building code that is in your area and this generally includes a fire box. The inside of the fireplace is not going to be built out of stone but the outside of the fireplace, including the hearth in any designs that may surround it can be built out of stone.

The only way for you to go with a stone fireplace design that actually includes stones on the inside of the fireplace is if you build your fireplace outdoors. Of course, you can always add something to the back of the hearth in order to make it look like stone. Talk to the person that is building the fireplace to see what they can do for you.

Something else that you may want to keep in mind whenever it comes to stone fireplace designs is that every area of the country is not going to offer you the raw materials that you need. There are some areas in which stone is really somewhat of a novelty. If you live in one of those areas, you're going to have to have the stone shipped in and this can get quite expensive.

If you live in an area where stone is readily available, consider going with a type of stone that is common in your area. You can save yourself a lot of money in this way.

Of course, outdoor stone fireplace designs can be made entirely of stone, including the hearth. You should still make sure of any local building codes so that you understand the regulations that govern the building of this type of structure. Generally, however, you are given a little bit more leniency as far as outdoor fireplaces are concerned.

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