Fabulous Outdoor Fireplace Design Ideas

When most of us think about fireplaces, we think about sitting inside our home, enjoying the look of a fire burning in the background. If you have never considered outdoor fireplace designs before, however, you are really missing a part of your home that can give you a lot of enjoyment.

Most of us do not really consider the outside whenever we think about the living area of our home but if it is set up properly, we might find that we actually enjoy being outside our home more than we enjoy being inside of it. One way that you can add some comfort to this area is by adding a fireplace.

The first thing that you need to take into consideration whenever it comes to outdoor fireplace designs are any local building codes that may be in your area. You might be surprised to learn that there are codes which are going to govern outdoor fireplaces, even if you live out in the country. Check with your local and county government offices to see what is permitted so that you do not run into trouble down the road.

You may also need to apply for building permits and submit any kind of outdoor fireplace design in the form of plans so that they can be approved.

There are also several different types of outdoor fireplace designs that you're going to have to choose from. For example, most people tend to go with a stone fireplace whenever it comes to this type of a structure but the fact of the matter is, there are several different things that you can do.

Perhaps you do not necessarily want to go with the traditional look or you may not want to have a contained fireplace. If this is the case, you can simply go with a brick fire pit in order to spend a little bit of time outside and have a fire to warm your selves.

If you enjoy cooking outside, you might want to include the ability to do this in any outdoor fireplace designs that you are looking at. You can either have a separate oven, which is warmed by the fireplace or you may want to choose an open top fireplace so that you can grill some food over top of an open fire.

The choices are really unlimited but this is a project that does not lend itself to being changed once it is built. Make sure you look at all of the options ahead of time and build the fireplace that you really want.
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